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   As a Limestone Township - Now Village of Limestone resident for 28 years I thought I would post some information for others.  Please click the above link if you would like to be directed to the Village of Limestone webpage.

   Limestone Township covers 41.4 square miles in Kankakee County, Illinois.  According to the 2000 US census, has a population of just over 4,600. It is the 5th most populated township in the county.  In November of 2006 76.28% of the voters in Limestone Township voted to incorporate the Village of Limestone. 

  HISTORY:  Limestone Township was named in 1833 when Iroquois County was formed.  The name originated from the vast amounts of limestone found in the area. It is believed that the first few settlers were Robert Buck Hawkins, Micah Jepson Hawkins, Joel Baldwin Hawkins and Alanson Hawkins. At the time what was to become Limestone Township was known as Hawkins Grove of Iroquois County. When Kankakee County was formed in 1853 Limestone Township was taken from Iroquois County into the newly formed Kankakee County.

  The quarrying of Limestone Started in 1853 when Illinois Central Railroad opened the first quarry in Limestone Township at Wiley's Creek. Quarrying had become a large part of the history of Limestone from that point on.

  Many of the relatives of the first settling families of Limestone Township still reside in Limestone today. Even after more than 170 years later, Limestone continues to exist as a peaceful farming and residential community. Just as it was in the beginning founding years, it remains a community built on hard work and dedication by the residents and farmers in the area to promote a quality of life that is valued by all that reside in Limestone.

 Housing prices in the Village of Limestone range from $124,000 to $600,000. 


The Vision

  The vision for this Village is to preserve, protect and enhance the quality of life that is cherished by its residents and neighbors. By working as a community to preserve open space and protect natural resources while embracing change that is well-planned, the Village can strive to create a balance of family, agriculture, business, industry and recreation for present and future generations.

Image B: Map of Limestone

Map of Limestone

The highlighted (yellow-tone) area in image B is the  incorporated Village.











Board of Directors

From the November 15th public meeting the Village of Limestone residents elected the following individuals to be the Interim Board Members.

Interim Board Members Elected Position
Nelda Mitsadarffer President
Maureen Dubuque Clerk
Rick ClevengerTrustee
Sandra Girard Trustee
Roxanne Moran Trustee
Jeff Powell Trustee
Stan Snyder Trustee
Mike Whalen Trustee

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