Literature and Art in Georgetown, Texas

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Bright LizardAs a true bibliophile (read: reading addict - I'll read the print on the back of a contact solutions bottle if there's nothing else around to read!), I'm obviously enamored of libraries.  And the Georgetown Public Library is high on my list of places to spend time.  Not only because of the books, both to check out and in their used bookstore, Second Hand Prose, not only because of the Red Poppy Cafe where pastries and coffee are available, not only because of the occasional live music events and other activities, but because of the art scattered throughout the building on a rotating basis.  I love art, too, and especially sculpture.  One of my delights is to arrive and, before I've even entered the building, see what new sculpture awaits me outside the entrance.  There are a couple of permanent sculptures, but everything else rotates, from abstract to, on one memorable occasion, a life size rhinoceros. 

Tomorrow, July 22, the Texas Society of Sculptors Summer Show begins.  I can't wait to see what new works are in it! 

Geometric Sculpture



The Georgetown Public Library is a true community center, and I can't think of a better way to while away a hot and lazy summer afternoon than browsing its delights.  If you're new to the community, or simply haven't gotten around to it yet, I highly recommend it. 


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