Why Real Estate?

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Why Real Estate


Since joining the business, I’ve often heard in training sessions, mentoring and coaching sessions, and casual conversation…Why Real Estate?” Inevitably the answer is…To Make Money!



Opportunity CareerI want to share with you my experience before answering this question. I retired from the Army as a Chief Warrant Officer Four (CW4) earlier this year. The life of a service member is filled with the many sacrifices of spending time away from loved ones often in distant and foreign lands in an effort to make a difference. The sense of duty, pride and honor of serving a grateful nation is what drives them. Ask anyone that has served or is serving now, “Why Serve?” The answer is NOT…To Make Money!


As I began to embark upon this new chapter in career choice, I knew that it needed to provide me with the same level of fulfillment and purpose, as did my days in the Army. So I set out to be a super agent, ready to change the world and stigma that we are one step above used car salesmen. My first lead turned into my first client and my first transaction…I’d hit the trifecta (somewhere lightning struck twice lol). As I began to listen why this family was in the market to buy, it was apparent that it was simply about opportunity. Buying a home meant opportunity for peace of mind, safety, new beginnings, and a better life. An instant connection was formed, after all this is exactly what I’d spent my career doing. I didn’t see my clients as walking dollar signs but as an opportunity to make a difference.


I know that every encounter will not be like this and I am grateful that I was introduced to the wonderful world of Real Estate with this order of events. So for me, when asked “Why Real Estate?” The answer is…To Make a Difference!


So go out and Be the DIFFERENCE in someone’s life today!



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