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This morning I’m asking myself “how much is too much?”  People everywhere are affected, sometimes seriously, by another person’s inability to commit.

Whether it’s in a live together relationship, a buy together intention, or simple integrity in saying that “I will do this….”, whatever “this” may be, and following through. 

On a rainy Sunday morning recently I was scratching my head in puzzlement. The evening before I spent a lot of time on the telephone and e-mailing other REALTORS® to set up last minute viewing appointments for the next day. 

My prospective Buyers are indeed clients, and we seem to have a good rapport. At 9:30 p.m. the agreement was that if I could confirm that we were good to go on the next day, I would call them early and we’d start around 1:00 in the afternoon. 

Sure enough, the last request was fulfilled by e-mail and I telephoned my Buyers at  9:10 a.m.  Yep – you guessed it already – “We’re not coming today”. Hmph!

I did reiterate the arrangement the evening before, and here it was “early”…

Truly, I was miffed enough that I didn’t pursue the conversation lest my voice reveal what I was really feeling!!! 

Which brings me to the interpretation of Commitment…Our “how-tos” of good business practice proclaim that if a prospect signs a Buyer Representation Agreement they have identified themselves as a committed Buyer; in other words, a “prospect” rather than a “suspect”. 

I was reminded of the comedian Rodney Dangerfield whose exclamation was that “I don’t get no respect”….and in that particular instance case it was a too- frivolous way to tie up an afternoon for both me and Sellers whose homes were For Sale, without commitment. 

Don’t put the ring on my finger unless you intend to walk down the proverbial aisle – and if you simply change your mind, just let me know. Please!



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