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Homes at The Islands in Gilbert, Arizona are gorgeous structures that are ideal for a family looking for a safe, well-kept neighborhood to reside in. 


There are over 2,500 homes, surrounded by three large, spectacular lakes that serve multiple uses, from fishing to picnicking on the shore. The Islands have their own, exclusive Community Center, luscious park that is perfect for children to practice sports, and beautiful paths woven throughout the property, which many use for walking, jogging, running or biking. Members of the community can enjoy a nice day with their family boating and participating in community events, such as a beach party, private concert, or scavenger hunt, and then relax in their spacious house and watch the famous Arizona sunset. Community events are family-friendly and quite common at The Islands, whether it is an Easter Egg Hunt, marathon, or boat parade. 

Houses at The Islands are extremely affordable for the average, middle-class family, ranging from about $130,000 to $390,000 and less than $2,000 per month. The homes also range in size, from 1,200 square feet with two bedrooms and two bathrooms to over 3,200 square feet with five bedrooms and three bathrooms. All houses are painted an off-white color and are surrounded by small rocks and/or lush foliage. The inside of the houses make residents feel safe and comfortable, and the neighborhood-type setting of the community allows community members to make friends and socialize with other families. 


As of July 2009, there were just over 217,000 people living in the town of Gilbert. Over 92% of adults over the age of 25 living in this area had graduated high school, and over 37% had graduated undergraduate college. This quaint, charming town that lies about 1,200 feet about sea level has also been rated one of the safest towns and best places to live in the country by multiple sources. 


Gilbert is also known for its numerous arts, culture and community centers that let children and young adults thrive and learn about their town’s rich artistic history. Additionally, members can easily drive or even walk to the local elementary, middle and high schools - The Islands Elementary, Mesquite Junior High and Mesquite High School. If children wish to participate in other activities outside the community, they can go to local dance studios, Tae Kwon Do centers, or aquatic centers. 


Adults can take excursions to nearby golf courses or visit the state’s capital, Phoenix, a city less than a half hour’s drive away. Only 5.4 miles away from the development is the “Chandler Fashion Center”, a great mall with plenty of shopping options for all types of consumers. Other smaller shops include the “Cooper Marketplace” and “Bayshore Plaza”. Furthermore, the property is surrounded by many quality restaurants and cafes, such as “Joe’s Real BBQ”, “Kabob and Kurry”, “Nicantoni’s”, and “Bergies Coffee Roast House”, where music and specialty drinks are served daily. Within walking distance of The Islands are local supermarkets “Fry’s” and “Safeway”, and a “7-Eleven”. Members of the community can go to these local stores to buy essential groceries. 


Families who desire to visit nearby attractions can go to the “Gilbert History Museum” or the “Hale Centre Theatre”, both of which are located less than two miles away. Sports fans can even drive to the close cities of Tempe and Phoenix to watch the professional and collegiate teams of Arizona practice and play. 


The rapidly growing town of Gilbert is an extraordinary place to reside, and real estate at The Islands are perfect for families of all ages. The stunning, exclusive society is the best option for those searching for a nice house, friendly community and safe town.


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