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Everyone is looking for the perfect place to live these days, leading to a surge in people who are looking for homes for sale in Ahwatukee. Why this area in particular? Of all the wonderful places to live throughout the United States, Ahwatukee presents something both unique and alluring to a wide variety of individuals and families alike. 


If you're seeking the perfect place to start or raise a family, or simply enjoy life, then you've found the perfect medium between everything you could possibly want. Nestled close against Southern Mountain in an amazingly beautiful part of the Midwestern Sonora Desert, this little suburb of Phoenix, whose name means literally, 'on the other side of the hill', is close to it all without suffering from the downsides of living in the middle of a large city. The perfect balance between nature and civilization, those who live there relish in the privacy that living 'on the other side of the hill' gives them. At the same time, the proximity to one of the largest cities in the state allows unobstructed access to the many things that Phoenix has to offer as well. 

Originally developed and set on a course for what it is today, this unique suburb owes much of its success to the uncle of the famous musician, Elvis Presley. Ever since its humble beginnings, it has been the origin and birthplace of many people of fame, including those with talent in various areas like music, sports, and politics. Even so, the town doesn't seem pretentious, but friendly, inviting, and warm. With active community organizations that are continually working to improve an already wonderful way of live, such as the Ahwatukee Kiwanis, there are always festivals, guest speakers, and events to be a part of. 


For those who love the outdoors, this area provides ample opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the Sonora Desert. One of the most popular activities in the area is hiking, especially around South Mountain and the many different hiking paths that are available both in and around the cut-off suburb. Similarly, cycling is another pastime enjoyed by both residents and non-residents alike. The town even offers a park and ride location for those coming from other areas to enjoy the pristine biking trails, ranging from easy to more difficult mountain passes. Other sports thrive in this area as well, including volleyball at the well known golf locale, Club West, and golf at one of the four local courses. 


While many communities these days build themselves up in the middle of nature, this one in particular has built itself up in conjunction with the natural beauty that surrounds it. By capitalizing on the landscape itself, residents of the area only need to step outdoors to enjoy the graceful beauty of streets that flow with the foothills' natural slopes and the many yards designed specifically to the colors and native composition of the scenery. With many homes sporting a traditional Midwestern look, residents who move here are quick to fall in love with the beauty they find themselves in the middle of, rather than just the proximity to the big city, Arizona State University, and many extracurricular things to do. 


Those who are looking for homes for sale in Ahwatukee will also be pleasantly surprised to find out that this area of Arizona has been largely insulated against the many economic problems facing so many other communities throughout the country. This trend of stable home prices and a stable economic outlook speaks to just how much people who live here love their home. In fact, statistics show that once a person moves to the area, they aren't quick to leave again, a point proven by the number of families who have been there for generations. 


Ultimately, Ahwatukee, Arizona offers a unique and wonderful opportunity to any who would consider living there. From the beauty of the local natural landscape, to the various activities residents can enjoy, there truly is no end to the potential enjoyment you can experience by moving to this area. With a rich history, to modern day convenience and proximity to jobs, great educational opportunities, and so much more, this small suburb really is everything you've been looking for.


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