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Real estate in Windsor is selling like hot cakes this 2013 summer. I have buyers all over the Windsor and Essex County area, that are looking to become first time home buyers, or move, and any home that they like and want to see, ends up being sold within a day or two it seems. I have now been telling my Windsor buyers of real estate that we need to see the home they like ASAP, not 3-5 days from now, because if the home is priced right, it is in a good location, and the home is in good condition, it will sell. Their just doesn't seem to be enough supply of good homes available to all the home buyers out there.

As a Windsor real estate agent, I have had to be more on my toes than ever, making sure to look at every newhotcakes listing that hits the market each day, as well as looking at the properties that are being sent to my buyers each day, and reminding them to take a look at what has come up for sale, because if they wait even a day or two, it has become too late. Just other day, a home was listed over on Mark Ave in Windsor, and my buyers were one of the first couples to walk through upon the home hitting the open market. However, they still weren't 100% sure if that was the house for them, and wanted to see a couple of other homes. Two days later when they realized that they wanted to walk through it one more time, and were in strong consideration of putting in an offer, the home was sold, accepting an offer the day before in fact.

As a real estate agent in Windsor, this is great for business, as well as great for the city, which has some of the lowest priced real estate in the country. It is bringing people from all over, and investors from all over, to our city to invest while it is still very affordable. Home prices still have not jumped through the roof like Toronto, or Vancouver, and most likely won't, but we are slowly seeing homes appreciating from the time the current owner purchased it to the time they sell it today. It will be interesting to see where the Windsor and Essex County real estate market is in the next 3.5 years.

Stay tuned is all I'm going to say!

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