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Designations......oh designations, what do I think of you?  LOL  I think ALOT of you! I think of getting as many as I can.  I also wonder which ones are most important and what other Realtors think about them.  I have heard other Realtors say that they believe that you need the GRI or CRE before anything else. Alternately I have heard other Realtors say that getting their Brokers license first and foremost before anything else  is the most important thing to do!

Questions,questions...WHO has the answers?

So what do Realtors consider the most important designation they can obtain? I KNOW we are all here on the internet, so it stands to reason that maybe we would all agree that in this day and age the e-Pro is the most important designation or certification. But, maybe not. There are so many other designations to consider that have always been very sought after. I mean, do you think that a Realtor should have their CRE designation or ABR,GRI ,ALC???? OR do you think having your Broker license before starting all of these designations is more important?


I would like to take a poll on this subject someday!  Seems to me that there are a variety of opinions out there. Maybe I need to do a survey or write an article on the subject.  So, maybe this is my next project?

Or maybe I will just go get my e-Pro certification. I will be on top of how to be successful and serve my clients as best as I can in today's real estate market here in the internet!


If you have an opinion, I would LOVE to hear  it!

Have a prosperous day!

Christine Martin


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Wendy Torres
CENTURY 21 Mulvey Real Estate - Yorktown Heights, NY
I think testimonials from previous clients are more important. Designations do not tell new clients if your past clients were actually happy with your services.
Feb 14, 2008 05:21 AM
Maria Couto
RE/MAX Premier - Berkeley Heights, NJ
Realtor with "Results That "MOVE" You'
Christine, I couldn't have said it better than Ken Rivera, above said. My designations have given me an education that may not be given your office.
Feb 14, 2008 05:21 AM
David Patterson
Columbia, SC


In South Carolina, you cannot obtain your Broker License for three years. In my opinion, all newly licensed agents will need more training upon finishing the preliminary licensing hours. Waiting three years could be a death nail to someone's career. For example....Do Indiana licensing classes teach you how to find and service business?

If I had to recommend three designations, I would recommend the ABR, CRS and e-Pro designations.

Can you gain success without a designation? Yes. Is it worth your time and money to get your ABR and CRS? YES.

By going through the CRS training, I was able to gain more confidence. It is not a matter of if I'm getting the listing.....It's whether I want the listing.

The CRS classes helped me with looking at my real estate career AS A BUSINESS! Things such as....."Knowing Your Numbers", MARKETING STRATEGIES & IDEAS and how to meet client needs are really important. You don't get that in a licensing or continuing education class. By the way....some states count ABR and CRS classes as Continuing Education credit.

Can I actually say that someone hired me because of the letters behind my name? NO.

However, where are you going to get the training that differentiates you from your competition? Having this knowledge (and being able to explain how the letters benefit your clients) is a definite plus.

I agree with Ken & Maria. You can never have enough tools!

When you stop learning, you stop growing. When you stop growing, YOU DIE!

Furthermore, I agree with Wendy. However, I contribute my success in obtaining testimonials to applying the knowledge gained during my designation classes.

That's just my $.02.

Feb 14, 2008 06:15 AM
Christine Frame Martin
Keller Williams-Indy Metro West - Avon, IN
Hendricks County Realtor

Ken,Wendy,Maria and David......thank you for the replies. You all have given me much to think about. I agree with you all. I feel very strongly that you have to continue to learn as long as you are in a business, and if getting designations allows you to continue your education then that is a huge plus. I know there are other industries where you have to get your CE's but you do not continue to gain certifications or designations of any kind. My husband is in one of them. He has to go every 2 years to classes for a week but he never gets any kind of ABBREVIATION after his name :) LOL  other then the one he originally received!

Thanks again for your feedback!

Christine Martin


Feb 14, 2008 08:32 AM
David Jirasek
Jirasek Realty, LLC - Temple, TX
Christine, All of the previous responses are good. The only thing I could add is, what do you want to do? residential, farm & ranch, commercial/industrial? management? etc. What are the major types of real estate in you marketplace? There are numerous residential designations, of which I hardly know the difference myself. I started as a tax appraiser, then crossed into real estate and getting my fee appraisal license and tax consulting license as well. A person cannot be good at everything. Pick your preference, and try to stay focused, which is not easy, as the public will pull you every direction. That may be what you want to pursue. I have four licenses, and three designations, which mean little to nothing to the public. But when I have a phone call with another ALC or CCIM, I have noticed they take you more serious. I have also considered taking the EPro course, as I think it will continue to be more important into the future as seller's will want to know an agent is computer savy. Licensing was the start, designations really mean little, continue to educate yourself as public can tell if an agent knows what they are talking about.
May 08, 2008 03:26 PM