Is it OK to store closed files electronically?

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Happy Secretary It sure is in California! As long as you can retrieve the file for the DRE to review, it's OK!

My hubby and I have spent thousands of dollars storing huge closed files for our real estate brokerage. I'll admit I used to HATE auditing the files before close. They were massively huge with hundreds of pages to review individually and organize. 

Now that we've gone paperless, it's so much easier to audit and store files. 

Once the transaction has closed, I quickly audit the file right on my computer to identify incomplete documents by a coding system that everyone is required to use. It's so much faster than the old school method.

After I've completed the final audit, I'll burn the file on a CD for our office and a separate copy for the client. When opened, all documents are organized into sub-folders so it's easy to a locate specific disclosure for example without plowing through hundreds of documents.

Best part is I now have a simplified method of saving and storing the emails which I believe is an important part of documentation. It takes only seconds and provides a beautiful paper trail of what happened during the transaction.

So what's the drawback of going paperless? I can't think of one reason! If you are thinking about going paperless but don't know where to start, I can help you!

I just finished recording my popular class Creating Paperless Files for a Real Estate Office. It's perfect for the real estate professional who wants step by step instructions on how to get started and is specific to our industry!

For only $45 and 2 and 1/2 hours of your time, you'll learn how to set up files in your computer, name and code documents and move them from your files to your desktop email with ease. Organizing and storing emails will take no time at all with my simple method of management. With live demonstrations, you'll be creating your own paperless files in no time! Visit Creating Paperless Files... view the recorded webinar today and start saving time and money!



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