Enjoying the NAHI Conference in Orlando

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I love getting together with home inspectors at these conferences, you learn so much and get to see old friends as well as make new ones. This has been an exceptional show, lots of good people with excellent questions so you know they are really into getting set up with the FHA 203k loan program. They are also from all over the country. I thought we would be getting a large number from the east coast but it seems to be spread out all over the country. NAHI is really on top of their game in this conference. Lots of new potential members were by to check out the organization, 

Some of our software users were here and stopped by to get the latest scoop on what we are doing in the market. Always good to see you guys.

National Association of Home Inspectors

Tomorrow the group has an hour presentation on Disaster Inspections and the to Epcot Center for the field trip to see "Storm Struck" sponsord by FLASH - Federal Alliance for Safe Homes.

NAHI Education Converence  203k software for consultants

If you have a favorite contractor or home inspector that you want to work with send them to us and we'll see that they get the training and expertise they need to become the best 203k consultant in your area.

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