Do you have problems reading contracts on a computer?

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 I've have many real estate professionals admit to me that when going paperless they struggle with trying to  comprehend contracts and other documents when reading on a computer screen. They have to print it out and  read it in order to understand it. 

 Believe it or I had the same problem! It's not because I'm dumb or OLD. (OK, maybe it's because I'm an  ancient Coordinator who was used to doing things "old school" way). 

 Like anything else new, you need to re-train the old brain to look at the contracts in a different way. The first  contract I read on a computer took me 30-45 minutes to digest and understand what I was looking at!

Was I an expert after that? NO!

I had to go over at least 6 or 8 more contracts before I finally got comfortable reading them on my screen. Now, I'm much faster reading contracts on my computer than off of a hard-copy!

So don't fret if it's challenging at first. You're not alone and YOU WILL GET IT EVENTUALLY! 

Here is some interesting information on reading a screen vs paper. Sounds like the final score is still out! 

Anyone else have any suggestions for those who are trying to convert? 

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