Lulu is 16

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My precious little Shih Tzu Lulu turned 16 in May and it has been traumatic ever since.  She has had a heart murmur for quite some time, and just recently she has lost her vision.  I had to take her to my vet about a month ago because she suddenly stopped eating.  My vet said we had to talk about "the elephant in the room". She said the kindest thing we can do for our pets sometimes is to let them go.

I took her home and gave her IV fluids twice a day  and literally forced her to eat for about a week with a syringe.  My vet gave me some meds to increase her appetite, and today she is eating 3 meals a day, enjoying her buggy rides in glorious sunny weather and frequent long naps.  She has learned to follow my feet, or her pal, Teddy Bear around the house and yard, and is getting around just fine.  Every day is a gift, that I do not take for granted.  Good thought for all of us. 


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Erin Bates
CMG Financial and Expansion Marketing Services - Aurora, CO

Awww, I am so sorry about your Lulu! It is so hard to see our pets getting older. I will keep my fingers crossed that she is feeling ok! 

Aug 02, 2013 07:51 AM