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In surveys we’ve done the overwhelming reason customers say they call you back is because of the way you treat them.

Honesty and professionalism was the #1 reason they gave.

This is very, very important. You should always, always make all your clients feel like they are your most important client. It doesn’t matter how big or small the transaction, make every client feel like they are number 1.

I had a guy in my home recently doing some remodeling. He was clean, efficient, professional, on time, treated me as a client not a nuisance...and because of this I will:

1. Use him over and over again

2. I’ll never even look for anyone different

3. I’ll refer him to lots of new clients (I already have).

4. I’ll rarely complain about anything and pay whatever price he quotes..

Now, he did leave some dust around that he said he was going to clean up and I found a few pieces of scrap that had fallen under an out of the way place. But since I was thrilled with him, I let the little mistakes pass. I know that no matter how good he is there are always some mess-ups. But because of the way I was treated I’m less likely to hold anything against him.

Take this story to heart. It’s how you should go about your business. Ask yourself….

How do you make a client feel important?

1. Respond to their calls as quick as possible. Don’t make people wait, or give them a reason if you’ll be late. Answer their questions that day or at the latest the next day.

2. Always treat your clients with respect.

3. Do you give them free advice even if it means they could sell or buy a home themselves without your services? Or, do you try and squeeze every dime out of them?

Don’t underestimate this post because it was so short.

Treat every client like your most important client, you’ll have more business than you can handle.

Make it a great day!


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Matt Crow
Huntley Realty - Huntley, IL 630-728-6051

Simple stuff that far too many people forgot or never got in the first place!

Be of service! The rewards will come!

Feb 14, 2008 08:28 AM