Naeglin's Bakery - New Braunfels, Texas

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What do you even say about Naeglin's Bakery?  Well this year it's turning 144 years old - and still owned and loved by the Granzin family. And they actually own a pretty darn good bar-b-que spot in New Braunfels too!  As a kid I remember it being a treat to go to Naeglin's to get a donut or a cookie, but it was a treat when you were able to get a bear claw.  I am not sure where the bear claw origianted from cause I have never been able to walk into the local HEB and pick one up but it's a cross between a brown sugar pastry, with a lot of glazing, touch of cinnamon and a it has a nut flavor to it as well.  They bake them fresh each morning - so if you show up around 9 and they are gone, if the demand is there you can return in the afternoon (I always ask when) and get them from their later staff.  Everyone who visits the area this place is a MUST!!!  You can't be in too much of a hurry because I have never been able to walk in and get what you need and run out the door!  And that's a postiive thing - someone from out of town will ask for directions to the best Mexican restaurant, a local pub, or even what the can ban rules are in New Braunfels.  So you can always make a new friend while waiting.  

I encourage you while visiting New Braunfels to stop by and have a bear's an experience you will never forget!!!



Juan Hale

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May 23, 2021 01:30 AM