What a Realtor WANTS to do when business slows down BUT CAN'T

Real Estate Agent with Short Sales, REO, New Builds, First Time Buyer

1) Just not answer their phone at all for awhile. We can all relate to the movies where the charactor throws their phone in the ocean or throws it out their car window - come on admit it we all have that desire at times just in an effort to get away from it all. But not answering that next call could cost me a lot of money!

2) Wants to show homes to his/her spouse that the agent has been promising to do for weeks but has been too busy showing homes to all his/her other clients. But this endeavor doesn't make an agent any money in the end, it ends up costing them money they aren't currently bringing in! LoL

3) Stop writing so many damn thank you cards and calling past clients. Can't they just call or write me a letter for a change? My hand is really starting to get sore here!

4) Go on vacation - Got to be in town to get that dollar pal and setup those listing and showing appointments.

5) Hire a paid telemarketer to call all the people on your propect list. You think it is a good idea but then you wonder what you will do all day other than surf the web and check email that isn't coming in?

6) Wants time alone or time to enjoy their hobbies. But, when times are slow, you have to be a SOCIAL butterfly and schedule as many appointments with past clients and prospects that you can so you can earn their business and most importantly ask for referrals!

Hope you get a good laugh and you are shaking your head up and down at some of these things!  Happy Monday!



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