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Screaming KittyHaving worked as a Transaction Coordinator and trainer for years, I understand your need for efficiency and systems that WORK.

Time is of essence when working with large volumes of files or building a profitable business so an investment in time saving systems is a no-brainer!

Eliminate wasted steps like printing, scanning and storing documents in a hard copy file. Most of our documents arrive via email so why not simply move them into a file on your computer so you have easy access?

I'll show you my secrets to creating organized paperless files that make it fast and easy to locate documents and create BEAUTIFUL closing files for your agents and brokers.

Using Cloud Technology you'll always be able to access your files whether at home, work or...wherever!

I won't try and sell you an expensive internet real estate programs. They don't work well for what we do!

Best of all, if you work with a team, you can share the files virtually so they also have access to files AUTOMATICALLY.

Don't worry if you didn't take a computer skills class in school...I didn't either!  My class offers step by step instruction using SIMPLE technology to get you started in the process.

For only $45, you'll get your life back by reducing time spent in the office working on files. Simply visit Create a Paperless File  to purchase and view the class anytime and anywhere!

Oh, and remember to check out the Virtual Tracker section of the class. It's a little secret I developed that keeps my team and I on top of every single one of our files and makes us look like heroes to our agents. My TC's are addicted to it!

Class Highlights

Inexpensive Cloud Technology to share documents

Create organized files and sub-folders so you won't lose documents!

Code documents to quickly identify their status without opening and viewing

Create SIMPLE hyperlinks to deliver large sized documents

Track real estate transactions virtually so you know what's going on at all times

Organize and track emails for transaction files using sub-folders and rules

Convert emails into a readable format for storage (Finally!)

Benefits and example of use of a good PDF program

Understand e-signature benefits and how they work

Why an EFAX program is essential

If you have questions on Transaction Management or are interested in learning more about the industry, check out my website It answers common questions to typical transaction problems.

I want you to be a successful Transaction Coordinator. My goal is to provide a standard of practice within our industry that helps us to work better together and provide outstanding customer service to our agents and their clients.

Visit Create Paperless Files  to get started. Go paperless and start saving money and time. You won't regret this investment into your business future. 

Here's what others have to say...

"I was surprised at how easy it is to start creating files on my computer"

"I'm so much more organized using Diana's method of organizing files..."

"My email program was driving me nuts until I changed to Diana's system. SO much easier to locate and store emails for each transaction"

"I LOVE that I can look at my files on my IPAD and send out documents to others when I'm not in my office"

"My assistant and I now share files virtually so there's no more fighting over the hard copies and misplacing documents!"


"I'm a Coordinator for a large office. Now that I store my files electronically, I can respond to agent requests for documents much faster"

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