Monday Marketing Tip: Pace Yourself

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Monday Marketing Tip: Pace Yourself

As business owners, and specifically as people in the real estate industry, we are bombarded with marketing opportunities. There are marketing opportunities everywhere these days and many of them are great opportunities. For example:

  1. Sponsor a Homeownership Workshop - This is a wonderful way to get your face and name in front of your specific target market.
  2. Sponsor a "Read in the Classroom" Session - Pick up 25 books at a discount store, go read to a classroom of young children and take the books with you. After you read, give the books to the kids to take home, with a small packet of information about your services for their parents.
  3. Sponsor a Community Ice Cream Social - You get to meet all the people in the community, they get to meet you, your name gets instant recognition in the community.

Your Monday Marketing Tip is this: Are these great marketing opportunities? Definitely! But you don't want to attempt all of them at the same time. Why? Simple.

The last thing you want to do is to spread yourself too thin by dabbling in everything at the same time. Not only can you become overwhelmed and stressed out by all of it, but let's face it... Money doesn't grow on trees. These are all great marketing opportunities but the key is this:

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Pace yourself and you'll stay around for the final act!

~Renae - Market 4 Real!


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