Family is Everything: Our First Graduation

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Family is Everything - Our First Graduation

Kennyth's diploma

We've got our first high school graduate in the family among all of our children! Our family is so close that we tend to claim each of the kids as our own. It started out as a joke when one of the kids called "Mommy" and it was actually an "Auntie" they were speaking to. So the running joke became that the kids call all of us "Auntie-Mommy." As a result, when one of the kids is struggling, we all help. When one of the kids has an accomplishment, we all celebrate. Right now, we are all celebrating!

The journey took all of us. One sister uses her vast connections to find job and community service opportunities throughout the years. One sister is a teacher and always helps with school work. We all chip in. We all help out. That's what families do. And since we have a combined 9 children in our family, we all need each other more than ever! But the wonderful thing about it is my sisters and I know without a doubt that we always have each other. And look at what it has brought us to!

That's because it really is true that it takes a village to raise a child - 2 grandmothers, a grandfather, 4 Auntie-Mommies, a dad, and various friends from church. That's what it took to get to the first of 9 high school graduates. The first of 9 who will go off to college or other adventures. The first to step out and pave the way for the other 8 coming up behind him. And it is a beautiful, wonderful, exciting thing to be a part of.


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