Let's Meet the Stager of the Week (Again)!

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Let's Meet the Stager of the Week (Again)!

Stager of the Week was something I used to do to expand the professionals I promoted on my blog and through my social media marketing.  Now I'd like to reintroduce Professional Stagers to the world at large.

Would you like to be featured on my blog? It costs absolutely nothing - except a few minutes of your time!  Just let me know you want to be featured by sending me your e-mail address. I'll forward you a set of interview questions to complete. Once I receive your responses, I'll feature you on a first-come, first-served basis.

Beginning Tuesday, August 6th, I will showcase a "Stager of the Week" every week.  I sure would love for you to be one of them!

Just doing my part to help where I can and how I can!  Got questions?  Let 'em rip!

~Renae - Market 4 Real!

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