Credit Repair and Maintenance

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Your credit report and credit score a core factor in qualifying for a home loan.  Everyone should know what their credit score is and their credit history in detail. These are the guidelines I live by. 

First and foremost you should check your credit annually (for free) at THIS IS NOT A GIMMICK.

Dispute any transactions that you can, with all three credit bureaus (TransUnion, Equifax and Experian.) 

This can be done online through the website. 




  • Pay down credit cards so the balances are 50% or less than the maximum limit. Call the credit cards and ask for a limit increase to help meet that threshold. 
  • Maintain three active lines of credit or loans total
  • Pay everything on time within 30 days or less of the due date
  • Do not apply for credit! The more inquiries the more it negatively affects your score 




Collections/Judgments/Tax Liens: 

Work on paying these off! Get them off your credit! Call the agency and ask them to negotiate a payoff! A lot of times they will negotiate it at 50% of the balance or less to get payment. 

Late Payments: 

Dispute these with the credit bureaus! Try to get the creditor to reverse the late payment if you can! 


I realize that events are out of everyone's control and that sometimes bankruptcy is the only answer. That is OK! The key to bankrutpcies is that you re-establish credit afterwards and pay everything on time. No late payments! No collections! No way. 


Keeping your credit healthy is a chore; but worth it in the long run and can save you tens and thousands of dollars! 

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