What's the Profile of Today's Home Buyer

Real Estate Agent with Spencer Group Realty

With nearly eight years in real estate I can now take a collective glance over the past several years and see the emergence of a different sort of buyer and seller.  As a Realtor, I  know I need to understand where they are coming from; a client's needs, wants and expectations if I am to better serve. Here's a few ideas I've gelled down into five or so observations:

 1) They want to be involved at every stage of the buying or selling process.

2) They have a fairly strong sense of market value.

3) They use the internet to find values and check out homes for sale often. 

4) They have a good sense of quality.

5) The search time is shorter.

6) They expect more of a consultative approach rather than a selling one.


Information gathering takes place very early on for the consumer, whether buyer or seller. They do their homework long before they engage the assistance of professionals such as lenders and real estate agents. They consider themselves on the same level and want their understanding acknowledged and be listened to.



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