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The Best Real Estate Company Just Got Better!  The Ennis Clearwater Montana Properties office is happy to announce that Lincoln Roberts has just joined our team.  Bill, Quinn, and Kim are happy to welcome our newest partner.


Here is a short biography from our newest member:


A little about Lincoln Roberts and my service based philosophy of real estate:


I was born and raised in Nashville a small town in Southern Indiana.  I graduated from IndianaUniversity and followed my desire to move west.  I first settled in the ski resort community of Crested Butte in Colorado.  I spent 3 years in Crested Butte before making my first trip to Montana.  I first visited Ennis and the MadisonValley in 1998 and I was hooked.  I packed my bags and moved to the MadisonValley in the spring of 1999 and have never left.


I spent my first summer in the area in Virginia City, learning the history and running the Nevada City Hotel and cabins.  As winter blew in I moved over the mountain to the resort community of Big Sky where I hiked, skied, fished and worked in hospitality and real estate at a little resort called the Big EZ.  


The Big EZ was a small luxury Bed and Breakfast and real estate development on a mountaintop overlooking the Big Sky Valley and down into Yellowstone National Park.  As General Manager of the Big EZ Lodge I honed my customer service skills in both hospitality and real estate.  At the Big EZ our motto was “Anticipatory Service”  Striving to anticipate what our guests and clients wanted before they had to ask.


After 5 years living in Big Sky, MT, meeting my wife and starting to think about family, realized we wanted to be in the more year round community of Ennis here in the MadisonValley.  We bought an old house in downtown Ennis and begun the ongoing renovation process.  We now have a great little house and our beautiful daughter Josephine.  


The communities around the MadisonValley are so welcoming it’s hard not to give back.  I am an active board member of Madison Byways, a non-profit group working to promote hiking and biking trails in the area.  I am also a member of the Ennis Lions Club and work alongside a great group of people to help promote schools, vision, and community.  As an Ennis Lion our motto is “We Serve”

I’ve found that the “We Serve” and “Anticipatory Service” Mottos are not unique to success in community organizations and hospitality.  These simple ideas are the foundation of my Real Estate career and I strive to use this service culture to make each and every one of my client’s real estate transactions simple, stress free, and in line with what you envision as your Montana Dream.


Lincoln Roberts  www.MadisonValleyRealEstate.com   406-581-6283   bigskylincoln@gmail.com

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Okay...Lets hit the eights and get things done with this most positive structuring...best to all

Jul 31, 2013 01:11 AM