To Be The Best...

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To Be The Best...


What Does It Take To Be The Best?


No one ever accidently went to work at 6am.

No one ever accidently set goals and created business plans.

No one ever accidently trained and studied their profession.

No one ever accidently delivered on a promise.


That's Right! No one ever accidently became The Best.


The desire to be good at what you do is common and the motivation can come from many sources.

It may be Competition, Fame, Fortune or just wanting to show those who said "you couldn't do it" that you actually could.


These may be good ways to get started but they are not the source that will allow us to sustain our motivation and become...The Best.


True motivation that will lead to true success must come from within.

All motivators except for ourselves are ever changing and unreliable.

That which may inspire or motivate us today may not be there tomorrow.


For The Best, everything comes from within, the burning desire to succeed and the absolute refusal to wake up and wonder if someone else is better.


Are you The Best at what you do?

Maybe The Best in town?

How about The Best in your office?

Who is better and more importantly...WHY?


You owe no apologies for being Good at what you do.

But for some...Good just isn't Good Enough.

We call them...The Best!



Make it a great day!


Joe Yates

Real Estate Broker

The Atlas Group

Medford, Oregon

541 944 9700



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