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Lansing JR Neely Rescues Home Owner From Unscrupulous Roofers

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There are theives among us. Years ago when the recession hit an all time high the worst of the worst contractors would go out into the neighborhoods and prey on unsuspecting people. My mother gave money away literally.... to a window company who took off and ran without delivering the goods. Her philosophy was -- and still is, "Give it to the little guy" and that may sound nice and sweet but it leaves the door wide open to getting ripped off front, left, right and center.

Whatever the reason was the same thing happened to a Eaton Rapids, Michigan home owner -- Melanie Washington. She was approached by a shoddy makeshift outfit called  - "Best For Less" The owner of the company took this womans money for a roofing job and then disappeared into the night. The case was featured on WILX Lansing TV and you can read about the whole story here...



Now you can see the attorney general is involved - and this situation is being handled properly. There is a good thing that happened out of all of this. A lansing based roofing company, JR Neely, came to the rescue and put a roof on this woman's house. The roof was in sad shape and it is featured on the videos and left the home susceptible to rain and other gruesome weather conditions. JR Neely was an angel in this case and brought some closure to this terrible situation.

The bad economy and economic shifts can bring out the worst in people. Unsuspecting home owners must be careful about who they hire so that they do not fall victim to things like this.

Tracy Oliva
West USA Realty - Arizona - Fountain Hills, AZ
The Oliva Team Arizona Agents

Good Morning: Yes there are very dishonest people out there so be very careful,  get several referrals, good luck with your business,  E

Jul 31, 2013 08:46 PM