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Do we have a chance in getting this home? This morning woke up and had started the day as usual, when was met with horrible news that my buyers offer, even though accepted, has now been cancelled. How you ask? Well, apparently when I took the call from the selling realtor yesterday, I was informed that the financing has fallen through on the previous buyers offer and that the home was now up for sale again. Immediately I contacted my buyers as this was the home they wanted, and we wrote up an offer and immediately sent it over to the selling Windsor Realtor. faceLater that night I received a call that the offer had been accepted, with the official signed offer being emailed to me. Woo hoo! Called my buying clients right away to tell them the good news.

Back to today and the horrible news, apparently the previous offer never sent over a mutual release, and that all of a sudden the financing had been approved! WHAT?? Their offer is still valid? You informed me the deal was done, even through text, due to financing, and that I could put an offer in, in which you accepted. How can this be? The previous offer now supersedes mine because their was no mutual release signed. So you're telling me you SOLD the home TWICE!!!!???

Right away I inform my buyer of the predicament we are in and then call my manager to see what can we do as I was given verbal and written statements the other deal was done. Currently the other Realtor's brokerage is talking with other Realtor to see what the whole story is. My clients are pissed and depressed as they had thought they had bought a house. What do you think? Is there a chance my clients will get the home they bought due to the listing Realtor's screw up?

I sure hope so!!

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