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Westport CT, 06880

October 2013

Happy Fall!!  


There are fun activities to get involved with in Westport this month!!


Get into the Halloween spirit! Grab a friend, family member, or a fabulous artist and paint and decorate town windows with your original works of art. Groups of 2 or 3, are welcome to sign-up and paint Westport's shop windows with family-friendly Halloween themed scenes.

Each group of artists brings their own tempera paints (no acrylics), and all other accessories (brushes, drop cloths, paper towel, sponges, etc.)  Don't forget you may need a ladder!!



I cannot wait to go down to Main Street after the windows have been painted and take in some fun art and shopping.


Fun window display

a hardware store in San Francisco

Brooms Window display

Scroll to the bottom for another great Halloween store display.



What's happening in Real Estate in Westport

After 2 huge storms back to back, Irene (2011) and Sandy(2012), I was wondering if beach sales have been affected.

I guess not, sales in this part of Westport still look strong.  Although sales are up and down month to month, there isn't always a ton of homes available down by Long Island Sound.  Seven homes sold this past August.  It appears that even the storms cannot keep people away from this view!

Sales prices averages for the Compo Beach section of Westport


I Love this!!! 

Harrods, London


Currently in Westport...

The Average sale price in September was $1,257,832 and 44 houses sold in September.  There are currently 295 active listings and 51 pending in Westport. Three homes have already closed in October.


Westport Sales History


Westport Sales History

In 2010, 379 sold in Westport with an average price of $1,386,168, in 2011, 379 homes sold with an average price of $1,264,304, and in 2012, 391 homes sold for an average price of $1,342,558.


Westport CT Statistics

  • Population  24,475
  • Median Resident Age  43.1
  • Average household income  $155,123
  • Average house value 2012 $1,408,571

(Numbers are all estimates) 



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