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10 Step Passive Turn Key Investment Program Using a Self Directed IRA!

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USA Choice Realty is a Real Estate Agency assisting investors in purchasing Turn-key Single Family Investment properties in Rochester, New York and select cities throughout the United States.   USA Choice Realty makes building an Investment Real Estate Portfolio with a Self Directed IRA as easy and uncomplicated as possible by developing a 10 Step Passive Turn Key Investment Program for the Investor using their Self Directed IRA to build Long Term Wealth.

Step 1:  Call USA Choice Realty.   Broker/Portfolio Consultant TJ Harrington will set up an appointment with you to conduct a Free Educational Consultation to describe how the whole Self Directed IRA process works.

Step 2:  Receive a detailed Return on Investment (ROI) statement in your email so you can see exactly what all the projected income, expenses, and average ROI is on the properties being offered to you. 

Step 3:  Sign an exclusive Buyer’s Agency Agreement with USA Choice Realty, LLC when you decide to become a USA Choice Realty Buyer Member.

Step 4:  Rest assured that the exclusive buyer’s agreement protects you because USA Choice Realty has fiduciary responsibilities to you to abide by the Real Estate Laws of New York State and the Greater Rochester Real Estate Association the Local Association of Realtors.

Step 5:  Retain a Rochester Attorney. USAChoice Realty will offer assistance as needed in finding and retaining local legal representation with experience in purchases made by a Self Directed IRA. Your attorney will prepare all legal documents relative to the purchase of your Turn Key Properties and will be in communication with Equity Trust Company as needed to complete the transaction according to the IRS rules and regulations.  

Step 6:  Form a Limited Liability Corporation to protect your investment.   Your LLC will hold the ownership of the properties, direct the Property Management Company and manage all funds in the bank account opened for the LLC.

Step 7:  Open local bank account in the name of your newly formed LLC to hold all funds associated with the purchase and operation of the investment properties being purchased with your Self Directed funds.

Step 8:  Obtain Homeowner’s Insurance. USA Choice Realty will refer you to insurance agents who will provide the best possible coverage available to protect your investment.

Step 9:  Select a Property Management  for day to day operations of your property.  USA Choice Realty will contract on the behalf of your LLC with Integrity PM, Inc our sister Property Management Company to handle the property management of your property.  Integrity PM, Inc will set you up on the Property Management Internet Portal where you can keep abreast of the day to day management of your asset 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Step 10:  Stay Informed. USAChoice Realty will keep you updated on the performance of your Real Estate portfolio.


Stop by the www.USAChoiceRealty.com website to Learn More About Turn Key Real Estate Investing


For free consultation email us atTJ@USAChoiceRealty.com or give us a call at 585-270-5461.

(TJ) Thomas Harrington  Broker/Portfolio Consultant

USA Choice Realty, LLC

33 University Ave, Rochester NY 14605



USA Choice Realty YouTube Channel   www.youtube.com/USAChoiceRealty

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