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Anyone who has lived or worked in Mineola for more than a half decade will remember Massaro's, known as the "Home of Long Island's Best Buffalo Wings."  Well, the closed up more than a year ago.  A new restaurant / pizza place opened in it's place.  However, I walked past the new iteration of Massaro's today and found out it was named Michaelangelo's and it's closed.  It had an amazing location.  

Old Massaro's Pizza

Across the Street, another mainstay of Mineola is gone.  Jani, my kids favorite restaurant until they got scared during Chinese New Year's, is gone.  Asian Fusion is going to take it's place.

What happened?

The amazing part is that the building adjacent to Massaro's hosts hundreds of workers from Winthrop Hospital.  It appears there are about 1,000 people in-and-out of the building each day.  

Across the street, just doors from the former Jani is another building being erected by Winthrop Hospital that will bring hundreds more to the immediate area every day.  Finally, the main hospital itself is but two blocks west of the restaurant, making me wonder, "What went wrong?"

Here's what's coming . . . 

New Winthrop Building

If these restaurants could have hung around another few months, maybe they would have hit it big.  But, it shows me a trend.  These restaurants were huge.  Another big restaurant down two blocks further north went out . . . 

Italian Bistro - No Longer

while a tiny restaurant next door is knocking them dead - it's packed every night!  And, a few doors down, Kucks continues to make residents and workers happy as it has done for the past 40+ years.  Further down the block, an ob-gyn decided to vacate their brick and frame two-story building and move into one of Winthrop's elevator medical suits.  Finally, Franwyn Pharmacy has outlived almost every other non-branded pharmacy.  It hasn't changed in decades and it is still the pharmacy that other pharmacist's call when they need something.

From north to south, they are as follow:

Vinoco   Kucks

Former OB-GYN    Franwyn Pharmacy Front Window


What have we learned from today's walk?  We can't stop change, but those who are hunkered down and ready for it continue to prosper.  The fat gets cut.


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