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It's funny how life introduces new experiences.  Lately, there's been a great deal of chatter about golf, which seems weird to me, considering so many people who enjoy golf in Naples typically get out of here during this time of year and head back home...wherever that may be. 

I compiled all that chatter into one big fat's time to learn how to play. 

I was introduced to David McQuade, the Director of Golf at Collier's Reserve, quite some time ago by a great friend of mine.  I'd heard he was a great instructor, and I knew he had a great personality, so I set up my first golf lesson yesterday. I had a BLAST!  There is something about watching and listening to somebody do what they love, and Dave LOVES golf. In fact, I'm not sure what he loves more...teaching other people the art of the game or playing, but it was immediately evident that he wanted to show me what is so FUN about it.  Of course, taking anything new on can be a bit overwhelming, but Dave was so encouraging and insightful that he made breaking in an absolute pleasure. 

I expected to be nervous and horrible, and while I'm certainly not ready to hit the course, I feel so inspired. His instruction produced fast and exciting results.

What I didn't expect was the level of welcoming friendliness I experienced from the other staff and members at Collier's Reserve. We started pretty late yesterday (11:00 a.m.), and I really expected to be the only ones out there, but in fact, people were playing. One gentleman in his 70s proclaimed he'd just shot his best game ever that morning. Isn't that something?

Dave also took the time to introduce me to a few of the Collier's Reserve residents and members, who were SO lovely.  Everybody really made me feel at home.

As many of you know it's all about practice and just like I tackled the skill of selling Naples real estate exceptionally, I am all about cracking the code on playing great golf and becoming an excellent Naples golf community resource as well.

At practice today Dave introduced me to another lady he's training who has spent much of her life playing tennis.  From the sounds of it, she is a terrific tennis player.  She hasn't been working with Dave long but that didn't prevent her from shooting a 48 during her 9 hole game yesterday. Now that's something!!!

What's even more interesting is a lady (probably around 40-something) introduced herself when we were at the driving range. She and her husband live in Olde Naples and are members.  I've met quite a few people at my Collier's Reserve open house who live in Olde Naples...there's really something going on with that. I couldn't help but ask her why she had chosen Collier's Reserve when there are so many Golf Club choices in Naples.  She said, "Actually, my husband had his eye on Olde Cypress, but when we came to Collier's Reserve, everybody treated me like a rock star". She went further to say that the location of Collier's Reserve is an easy commute to Olde Naples (keep in mind that's the same easy commute if you're popping down to Olde Naples to eat dinner and have fun if you live in Collier's Reserve too). She went even further to say she would not mind living in Collier's Reserve as opposed to Olde Naples.

There's a testament as to why you might consider joining and living in Collier's Reserve!

I recently listed a fabulous Collier's Reserve home. I knew this would be a fantastic way to get to know the course and the members so I could better illustrate the entire experience with potential customers. 

The prices in Collier's Reserve are fantastic compared to some of the other luxury golf course communities in Naples.  Here's the breakdown of the sales price per square feet during the past 12 months:

Now I'm not here to take anything away from those other fabulous golf course communities but here's something for you to consider when you're considering purchasing in Naples.  A HUGE majority of the people who come to Naples come down because they've been introduced through personal relationships whether that be friends or family.  They get introduced to a certain neighborhood and feel compelled to purchase in the same location if possible. But as my Mom used to say when I was a kid..." would you follow your friends off a cliff"? a Mom now I get it. I'm not suggesting that people are going to fall off a cliff right now if they purchase in Mediterra, Grey Oaks or Pelican Bay...hell, I live in Pelican Bay, it's a great place to live too! 

I am going to pose the question if you can get into a FANTASTIC neighborhood with only 224 homes and join an amazing club where you can meet fun people to hang out with...why would you pay more?

I'll be having a Collier's Reserve open house tomorrow from 1-4.  I hope you will come to check out Collier's Reserve and my Collier's Reserve listing.  I think it's the deal of the development!

By the way~ I got three of those silly little balls in the holes today while I practiced chipping. Surely one of you can give me a high five for that?!

For more information regarding any of your favorite Naples real estate, I hope you'll contact me to assist you.

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Kevin J. May
Florida Supreme Realty - Hobe Sound, FL
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I really like this look from the inside and have admired the Collier's Reserve lifestyle.  You nailed it there and on the lesson too.  The nine-holers will be seeking the short game talent, keep it fum.  Oh, and hope your OH is fabulous!

Aug 03, 2013 07:47 AM
Shannon Lefevre
John R. Wood Properties - Naples, FL
Shannon Lefevre, PA Your Naples Smart Girl

KEVIN! Hey!!! How's your summer going??? It's so good to see you and thank you so much for your support! :) Hug!!!

Aug 03, 2013 08:24 AM