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School starts this week, and there is a lot of shopping to do. Taxes on clothing and back to school supplies can be a burden to many families, so the government gives a break to its residents. Actually, Miami has a wonderful tax system for its residents that doesn’t overwhelm the city.



When we look at the population of Florida, we see that most people that are here don’t claim residency in the state. These are snow-birds, vacationers, long term visitors, and illegal immigrants. Many homes are vacant most of the year, and the actual residents must bear the grunt of the taxes. It isn’t fair to the ones who work here to sustain the roads, parks, beaches, and all the infrastructure of the city.

Yet, when someone comes to Florida, one can’t help being in awe of the many flowers and palm trees that line our streets, and the gorgeous beaches, always clean, always immaculately maintained. Now, with the new constructions and repairs of our highways, it is easy to wonder, how can the city do it?

Easy. Residents don’t pay state income taxes. Confused yet? This is an incentive for anyone to come and live here. There are many other incentives. It evens out when you go shopping and have to pay taxes on food and clothing, and overall you end up paying the same as in any other state. But in this case, the visitors also contribute, giving the state a much robust budget. What they do with this budget is politics.



I could talk more about it, but I got some shopping to do…