My trip to Rangley Maine Part 1

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The annual Montross Family vacation took place with another trip to Rangeley, Maine.  And what better way to enjoy it then to rent a boat and head out to the lake. Since my father's boat could only hold five people, I decided to rent a pontoon boat for the entire family. The water was starting to get choppy and the wind started to pick up. I had to argue a bit with the woman who was renting  the boats because she didn't want to rent the new boats to me and stated she had them reserved. I asked if she promised the new ones to the other people or just reserved a boat in general. She wouldn't answer me and after keeping on her a little bit she went outside and looked around and noticed there may be another on the docks. I went over to her husband and asked to rent a boat since his wife seamed to not want to rent to me. I was set up with a new boat and went on my merry way.

I picked up the family and set sail for day on the boat. the water was calm for a short bit and started to get rough again with the wind. Emily and Rachel decided to go on the tube so we got it out and tied it to the back and pulled them around. With all the wind and waves the boat was really bobbing around. It did so much that the anchor on the front of the boat fell off into the water without anyone noticing it. All of a sudden the front of the boat went under water because the anchor caught onto something. You never saw three people in the front of the boat move so fast to get to the back of the boat. 
We managed to get the anchor back in and off we went again. tried to have lunch at the other side of the restaurant, however the wind was so bad, I couldn't get the boat to the dock. Every time I tried the boat started to wonder into the shallow end. Oh yeah, I think I did touch bottom a few times with the propellers. Oops!!!
We decided to go back to the other side and have lunch. We started to head back with the kids still in tow with very rough waves. They seamed to love it with the water splashing over the tube and hitting them. Now with all the rough water, the waves started to come up into the boat giving the passengers quite the soaking especially my parents. Double Oops! Hey, since I rented the boat, the captain get the final say, right? We pressed on with pretty much everyone getting a super soaking, with laughter with every crash of the waves. On top of the waves, the starter on the boat was giving me a hard time. We must of drifted several times close the shore when getting the kids on and off the tube. A little excitement in the adventure of wondering if we were going to hit another anchored boat or dock.
Lunch was good but took forever. We went out on the boat after lunch and cruised around again. Of course I went to far down the lake and wondered into the rough water. I had to get back which meant, yes you know were I am going, into the waves and yes another super soaking again. Hey in my defense, my father fell asleep so I figured he needed a little more excitement. I figured a good splash of lake water would do the trick. All I could see is my mother sticking her tongue out at me and my father covering themselves with the tube and throwing the can of soda in the air. Again, everyone laughing at it. Sometimes being captain has its privileges.
Oh, and I did hit another shallow spot again. Oops!, Who put them there anyways? It was told that was the highlight of the week. I didn't plan on it, however that is the way it went down. At least I didn't sink the boat!



Mark Montross

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Georgie Hunter R(S) 58089
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Now I can see why the woman was reluctant to rent you one of her new boats!

Aug 12, 2013 12:03 PM
Mark Montross
Catamount Realty Group - Burlington, VT
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I was just breaking it in for her. I didn't realize the anchor wasn't secure. I should of said anchors away!!!! It did make an interesting conversation piece for the rest of the trip.

Aug 12, 2013 01:13 PM