Staging Teeny Tiny Condos - Who Said 435 Sqft Isn't Spacious

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If you are checking out this blog you may or may not tried to furnish a teeny-tiny condo, and 435 Sqft can often leave buyers' heads scratching as to not only how am I going to furnish such a small space but how am I going to live in it? 


Easy!!!  Below are a few tips to successfully staging teeny-tiny condos.

Teeny-tiny condo livingroom


Colour can have a huge impact on how onlookers perceive a space.  To give a space a larger appearance, utilize cool colours.  It will open up a space and make it feel larger.  If you want a space to feel cozy and bring walls in you use warm colours.

teeny-tiny condo kitchen


Don't try to over fill a small space with overly large pieces.  You can add one large piece but be sure the other pieces are smaller in scale and allow for comfortable moving room around the unit.

teeny-tiny condo kitchen-livingroom


It is important when dealing with very small spaces that you don't try to combine too many colours or different textures.  Try to repeat motifs, surfaces, line, where ever possible.

teeny-tiny condo


Utilize the power of line in your space to give the illusion of larger spaces.  Horizontal lines can make a space feel wider, vertical taller.  With small condos incorporating horizontal lines draws the eye from one side to another creating a larger appearance.

This condo not only sold in an economy when condos were not moving but it sold in less than a month and potential buyers continued to book appointments to see this unit after it had sold firm!  That my friend is staging that works.


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You are a genius Rachel! The way you have explained about staging a condo, that is very helpful for a Home stager like me. I have got clients who come to me and wants to have their condos staged in the best way so that they could get good prices.

SaydeMarkDesigns -

May 31, 2018 12:26 AM