How 2013 Building Codes in Cape Coral, Fl. affect you!

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Building Codes


Whether you are building a new home or updating an older home, you and your contractor should be aware of the residential building codes for your state. In Florida, the building codes for windows and air conditioning units are undergoing changes.

The 2013 Florida Building Code (FBC) is now in the initial stages of development for an implementation in March 2014.

The FBC is essentially starting from scratch. They are throwing out the previous version with accumulated state amendments, and are starting with a clean slate with no amendments aside from those separately mandated by other state laws.

The 2013 Florida Building Energy Code development starts with the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code as a foundation. This includes certain U-factor and solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) values for windows.

The current code was recently updated in 2012, which included the following updates:

Air Infiltration
Blower door test to ≤7 ACH or checklist for inspection
Recessed lights shall be IC
rated and labeled to meet ASTM E 283

Prescriptive compliance: Max. 20% CFA; U
factor ≤0.65; SHGC ≤0.30
Performance compliance: Max. weighted average SHGC 0.50 except if 4’ overhang

Air Conditioning
Ducts must be inside conditioned space and tested by BERS Rater
Equipment efficiencies and duct sealing
Programmable thermostat required for forced air systems

Must have 50% high efficacy lamps

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