9 Marketing Tips from a Six-Year Old’s Lemonade Stand

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1.Give people something for free and they will feel obligated to return the favor

When you help someone, it creates a natural desire to return the favor. As a web desginer provide helpful tips on your blog. By doing this you'll not only build trust, but also develop relatioships with potential clients.

2. Give potential customers a taste of your offerings

Offer free themes or templates with an easy upgrade to "pro" versions. Make sure it is good. When users are excited about the base product they are more likely to upgrade.

3. Make it "Extra Special"

Don't just offer lemonade. Put in a extra sprig of mint. Make everything you do something "extra special" and clients will take notice. Not only will they want more but they will tell their friends.

4.Don't be Afraid to tell your neighbors

Tell your friends and colleagues about your service. You never know they may talk to your next big client later that day

5. Do what you need to do to be Seen

Don't just put up a sign.. Advertise in a funner way that will get peoples attention

6. Be persistent

Don't give up. Keep on trying.

7. Build anticipation

Don't just launch your website, let people know it's coming. Drop hints, make them look fordward to the big day.

8. Find good partners

Find partners that will get more customers and make our advertising much better

9. Advertise your popularity

Place download counters, comment counts and subscriber numbers in prominent places. Just make sure the stats are high enough to warrant  a little bragging

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