Successfully selling your Naples home in the current environment

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Successfully selling your Naples home in the current lively environment


It’s (sort of) a seller’s market -- but realizing a favorable result requires an appropriate action plan combined with flawless execution.

Thinking of selling? Congratulations…you’ve waited out the bear market and you’re timing is spot on. However, more than good timing is essential to selling your home quickly and for the highest price. Three key aspects of the process are: a) appropriate pricing; b) a multi-media marketing campaign; and c)
a Realtor® who can aggressively negotiate on your behalf and then, between the time the offer is finalized and the closing, handle the myriad details to keep the process on track and get it to the finish line.

Pricing - Because the market ultimately determines the value of a property, your Realtor® will likely use “comps” – recent sales and current listings of comparable properties in the same area. That makes sense, right? Um…yeah, it does but comps don’t tell the whole story. Each house, although possibly comparable to others, is different; and people tend to buy with their eyes. A neat, well-staged, tastefully decorated home will command a premium every time. A great Realtor® will also use his or her gut to know how much of a premium your property may bring as a result of certain unique aspects as well as other, more esoteric factors such as area job growth; market population growth; community; schools; safety and security; affordability and appreciation potential. Furthermore, because the market itself is usually the strongest determining factor, your Realtor® should have his or her finger on the pulse of the market. (If a real estate agent works part time and generally works with friends and family, he or she is unlikely to spend the time and effort necessary to know market trends down to certain micro-areas or communities; working with a friend or family member could unwittingly cost you a lot of money.) Price your house too high and you’ll face trouble because the first four to six weeks on the market are crucial. In this day and age thousands of consumers are on the Web looking at listings for a particular city and local real estate agents are watching “new listings” on the MLS. When there is new inventory, there is excitement and, for potential buyers, perhaps a bit of fear of loss. Early on, your home is in the spotlight and you’ll likely get lots of showings. If it’s priced appropriately and it has been marketed properly, you’re likely to get an offer. On the other hand, if the house is perceived as overpriced, you are quite unlikely to get an offer. After some period of time your agent will probably suggest the standard agent “Plan B” -- reduce the price. This desperate action shows two things: 1) The agent didn’t initially price the house correctly (or didn’t logically talk you out of overpricing the house;) and 2) It puts a taint on the property because it suggests desperation, which weakens your negotiating position when you do finally get an offer.

Marketing - The days of an agent sticking a sign in the ground on your front lawn and running an ad in the Sunday newspaper are long gone for many reasons, the most prominent of which is the Internet. Consumers no longer have to wait for an agent to present them with potential homes for purchase; they can – and do – go to,, or myriad other real estate websites and shop from the comfort of their family room or office. Given the enormous number of consumer choices, your Realtor® must be adept at all things digital including online marketing and social media. Much of this new marketing, in the aggregate, costs far more than the one-time newspaper ad of days gone by. Today’s great Realtor® understands the necessity of investing in a listing and will be comfortable doing so if he or she is confident that your house will sell. After all, there is a not insubstantial commission awaiting the listing agent as reward for the initial investment and subsequent hard work. A truly great Realtor® will present you with a comprehensive marketing plan that encompasses a whole array of approaches to marketing your home including professional photography. Given that the vast majority of prospects being by shopping online, great photographs of your property are an absolute must in terms of effective marketing.

Your real estate agent – The modern day Realtor® has a combination of sales, negotiation and marketing skills combined with a sense of urgency. The world is a fast moving place and in order to make things happen your Realtor® has to be on a fast track. Selling your home quickly and for the highest price under optimal circumstances isn’t as easy as it seems. Having a competent, committed Realtor® is tantamount to success. The BC Team is ready, willing and able to help you price your home appropriately in order to achieve our common objective of exposing your property to the masses so we can obtain the best offer available on your behalf.


Lots of people can sell your house; but the BC Team can sell it for more! For a no-obligation in depth consultation regarding the possible sale of your property, contact BC & Gina Cloutier, the BC Team at Premiere Plus Realty, at 239-595-1300 or e-mail:




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