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I know what you may be thinking, this opportunity is in another city (I had moved to Toronto to work in real estate, only to then move to Windsor a year later). However, what I'm here to share with you is an opportunity that was presented to me, and all occurred through NETWORKING! We've all been there, so wanted to share with everyone who reads this the newest news of my real estate career. I have left Deerbrook Realty Inc. and have joined Manor Realty Ltd in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.OntarioRCI

Now, enough about me, this opportunity is more then just switching Real Estate Brokerages. It's about me joining a successful team of real estate individuals who have done real well for themselves, and after numerous interviews and long hard talks with many people, I was hired to join the OntarioRCI Team in Windsor at Manor Realty to help head the income property division of their team (specifically Fix 'n Flips). What's great is the team has a long list of clients and potential clients for me to begin working with right away. Even better is everyone who is reading this will now have the ins and outs of the many real estate opportunities that come available in Windsor and Essex County (soon to be Detroit as well).

So here's to everyone out there who has had to make a tough decision in their life, and in the end it worked out for the best.


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