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OK where was I. I know… The water was increasing getting more rougher as the waves continued to batter the side and front of the kayak. Each moment I waited, the paddle continued to drift further and further away from the boat. The breathtaking and vibrant colors of the rainbow soaring high above the lake was such a beautiful sight that I was willing to risk losing the paddle for taking the right moment of the picture. I grabbed the camera with the eagerness of a school boy with his first crush and started taking pictures frantically trying to catch every angle before its disappearance behind the sun. By this time the paddle had made its way further away from the kayak.

Now most people would just stay there and cry about what to do next. Despite the nature to bail out and try and get the paddle, I decided to put out the a full scale attempt to use my arms and paddle to the paddle. I must of looked ridiculous out there try to paddle with two arms, but I didn’t care. I was going to get that paddle back no matter what it took including jumping overboard. Suppose someone would yell man overboard if I did?

After a few minutes, I managed to secure the paddle (phew) and was on my way again to the promise land (island that is) My enjoyment of this magnificent lake heightened as I drew closer and closer to the mystery island. Every so often I would look back to see if I could sneak another peak of the rainbow. Just like a sneaky leprechaun, often associated with rainbows, the rainbow was nowhere to found. That’s ok, I have it on the camera. GOCHA!

Soon I arrived at the island and what do I find… two cute and  cozy little cottages  tucked away in the trees. I can only imagine this being the perfect place for a romantic getaway for the weekend. Secluded, private and away from everyone and everything (including computer and cell phones)  The water was extremely shallow and the rocks pierced the surface of the water like a scene from a shipwreck movie. The water splashed over the rocks, creating a peaceful sound that could sooth even the most savage and wrestles beast. By this time the sun was out and shining down on the me. I sat in the kayak with me feet over the front and took it all in. “Life is great I told myself as I sat glorified having reached my destination despite the odds and challenges I had endured. As I explored the island I noticed birds nesting in the trees and some small fish swimming around the shall end. The homes appeared not to have been occupied for some time. What a shame since they appeared so inviting and comfortable. One was designed as a “A” frame painted in red There was a small porch on the front directly overlooking the cove. A second smaller porch at top was just perfect for morning relaxation of coffee, if only a drank it. Oh well, orange juice it is. A second building sat beside it. Tall and narrow with a few windows, I could not tell if it was for storage or living. It didn’t matter, it was cozy just the same.



The other cottage was traditional and appeared abandoned, however a new dock appeared to have been installed. My curiosity overwhelmed me and I was compelled to take peak inside. The doors were locked, however I just peaked through the windows. Where did I get this curiosity from anyways?

While I was mesmerized by the beauty of the surrounding mountains and scenery, I failed to notice the caravan of thick, black pillowing storm clouds that was heading my way. I heard a loud thunderous noise in the distance and thought to myself. Oh no, not again! This time the storm looked massive and defiantly a threat. Although I was having a good time, I decided to head back to the camp. At first the paddle was casual, then quickly picked up as the storm got closer and closer. She perused me slowly like a lion stalking its prey, waiting for the perfect moment to bounce on me and release her fury.

the water started to become rough again as the wind swirled around me. I thought to myself, this could be bad. Lightning strikes were clearly noticeable from the distance, however I knew it wouldn’t be long before the show would hit center stage with me. MY heart rate started to rise and my breathing grew deep as I pushed forward with more and more momentum to beat the impending storm. I one point I thought I was going to break the paddle with all the stress it was taking from the vigorous stokes it was giving it

I watched the storm overtake me and pass by like a freight train caring its cargo. I kept my eye on the cove where the camp was saying “ I am almost there.” Meanwhile the text from the family saying they were about to leave kept coming in as a constant reminder why I needed to get back. The cove came quickly as well as the storm. The wind was fierce and even though the camp was in sight, the wind made it nearly impossible to paddle back. The lighting danced around me almost as to tease me like a cat and mouse game saying your almost there, but I will not let you go.

That’s ok because I pushed forward and made it home. Just as I arrived to the docks, the sky opened up with a sudden downpour of rain. I thought to myself, ok storm perhaps we will dance another day.  As I walked to the cabin I said to myself, what an awesome day!


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Georgie Hunter R(S) 58089
Hawai'i Life Real Estate Brokers - Haiku, HI
Maui Real Estate sales and lifestyle info

What an exciting day on the lake!  Glad to hear you made it back safely after all that.

Aug 12, 2013 12:10 PM
Mark Montross
Catamount Realty Group - Burlington, VT
Listing and Buyer Specialist

Hello Georgina,

It was an exciting day on the water. I loved every minute of it.

Aug 12, 2013 01:10 PM