Water restrictions aren't going anywhere,greywater systems could help?

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      With the water restrictions going on all over the U.S. and even droughts in some parts of the world. It's time we all came together and did something together as a planet to help out with this water crisis. We would use less grey water here since we get rain, but remember every little bit helps. Grey water is actually produced by about 70% of the water you use in your home. What is grey water? Water that is used from sinks/dishwashers, washing machines and bathtub. NOT TOILET WATER!


       In parts of the world where rain is scarce or seasonal, grey water can be an excellent option and also a dependable source of reusable water. A grey water system can help reduce the load on a municipal water treatment system since the water is used twice. Grey water can also be used to water outdoor plants and the yard. A great option for those areas lacking rain like here in Florida most of the year and the city and county restrict our usage to the point it's almost a waste of money to put SOD down to have it end up turning brown and dumping more money into my yard!


       There a few disadvantages to grey water. People start thinking about how contaminated it might be? Some people pour brease down the sink, pee in the shower, or rinse cleaning chemicals down the tub.  In Hillsbourough county we have a fantastic program for collecting grease and turning it in instead of putting it down the sink.But grey water does need to be treated or it will actually turn to black water. It's not difficult at all so if you do have an interest in a installing a grey water system. Be sure to consult an expert about installing the system and possibly getting tax rebates in your state!





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