Homes for Sale under $200,000 in Syracuse, UT

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Homes for Sale under $200,000 in Syracuse UTSyracuse UT homes for sale under $200,000

If you are in the market for a home for sale under $200,000 in Syracuse UT, you have come to the right place. Syracuse is located about 35 minutes northwest of the Salt Lake International Airport.  Syracuse City is known as “The Gateway to Antelope Island”.  You will find Syracuse City is perfectly set between the Wasatch Mountains and the Great Salt Lake.  Syracuse offers beautiful scenery with a family oriented community.

What kind of homes can I find in Syracuse?  

There are many homes in Syracuse that range from extravagant to the modest. The homes you will find under $200,000 offer anywhere from 2-5 bedrooms. The lots size depends on the community you choose. One thing for sure is, no matter where you choose to settle you will have amazing views. Click here to see Syracuse UT homes for sale under $200,000.

What kind of entertainment does Syracuse offer you?

One of the best things about Syracuse, UT is that it offers the charm of a small city and yet has many of the amenities of a larger town. You will find Syracuse has its own movie theater, restaurants, entertainment center, and the community’s favorite attraction, Jensen Pond.  Many community events like the annual Heritage days and community play provides wholesome family entertainment.  

What about the schools? 

Syracuse is part of the Davis County School District. There are many schools located in Syracuse, UT, one being Syracuse High which was built in 2007. Syracuse Jr. High is located conveniently just south of Syracuse High. There are 3 Elementary schools that offer an excellent education depending on where you choose to reside. In addition, you will find that Syracuse offers two Charter schools. One is an elementary school, and the other is a Jr. High school. The Charter schools place an additional emphasis on the arts.  All of these wonderful schools in Syracuse have homes surrounding them under $200,000.

What can you tell me about Antelope Island?

Antelope Island and Syracuse are neighbors. Antelope Island is a playground for the outdoor lover. You can hike, kayak, mountain bike, horseback ride, and camp. There are plenty of animals to see, including bison, mule deer, and bighorn sheep, and of course, pronghorn antelope. You will also find fish and fowl alike. Check out the many events that are hosted at Antelope Island. Our favorite is the spectacular balloon festival that  is held annually, and is scheduled this year for September 1st. 

You can find homes that are under $200,000 here in Syracuse and be a stone’s throw to Antelope Island. You won’t be sorry if you love the outdoors.

Here is the link again to find amazing homes here in Syracuse, UT under $200,000.





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