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Bob Stewart brought our AR community another challenge! 

His idea is simple: let's share our script goodies: what do we say during communication with our clients?!

I'm looking forward to reading what our Active Rain community has to say! 

p.s. If you clicked my post, please visit Bob's post as well and leave your comment there. Thanks!

Original content by Bob Stewart

Share your Show Stopping Scripts and Dialogues

There are so many ways to become a better real estate agent. Many of the improvements you make in your business over the years come as a result of trials and tribulations. What's the old line? "There's no substitute for experience."

Some of the things we adopt in our business are purely by accident. We stumble onto something and we like the way it sounds or the results it achieved. For other things, we deliberately set out to test something and we adopt or reject it based on the success or failure. Scripts and dialogues are one of those things you set out to use (as opposed to stumbling across them by accident) and then adopt them based on their success or adapt them based on their failure. 

But I would venture that almost everyone uses a script or dialogue of some sort at some point in your communication with a client. 

For our next Crowdsourced Webinar, we want to invite you to share with us (but more important with other ActiveRain members) some of the successful scripts and dialogues you use in your business. 

I'll give you a couple of examples so you know what I'm looking for. 

I have a friend who has been in real estate for nearly ten years. He always had a hard time trying to figure out when was the best time to ask someone if they wanted to make an offer on any of the homes he had shown them. It was suggested to him that he try something at his initial client consultation and then follow up on that every time he did a showing. So now, the first time he talks with his client about the showing process, he will say something like, "After we tour each home, I am going to ask you if you would like to make an offer on the house. If the answer is no, we are going to discuss what about the house is keeping you from making an offer. This will help me get a better understanding of what it is, specifically, that you guys are looking for in a house."

What has he done by setting that expectation up front? The first thing he did was ensure that there was going to be a right time for him to ask the clients if they want to make an offer. Before that, he never really knew when to ask if they wanted to write an offer. Now, the expectation is set (for both him and the client) that this will be something to think about for every home that is shown.

The other thing he did was position the client so that upon entering each home, they are considering whether or not they want to make an offer right from the outset. The clients know the question is coming so they are prepared to answer it. The byproduct of this script is that he also sets an expectation with the client that they need to be able to articulate what they want in a home, which helps him better find that home for them. 

It's a very simple script (although by this point it's just a dialogue he has with them. I consider a dialogue to be a script that someone has figured out how to deliver naturally). It has a large impact on his business. 

Here's another example. I know another agent that was getting very tired of long showings. He would be out with someone showing 8 houses during the course of a day and he knew immediately upon entering some of the homes that the client wasn't interested. No matter, the client would putz around and check stuff out even though the agent knew they didn't like it. It was almost as if the client thought they might offend the agent if they quickly tossed that particular listing aside.

In order to combat this wasted time, the agent now instructs his clients something like this, "We are going to see 8 houses today. The very second that you don't like a house, you tell me. You are not going to offend me. If you don't like the house and you can't see yourself living there, I want you to let me know right away. This will save us the time of you looking through a house that you know you don't like."

You guys have all had it happen. Clients will linger around a home even though you can tell they aren't interested. In this agent's experience, it was normally that his clients wanted to make him feel better about it. He couldn't have cared less. Having the discussion with the clients has saved him untold hours since he started using the script. Today, it's not uncommon that he is in and out of a showing in a few minutes and they can get on to the house that the client will actually want. 

The Scripts and Dialogue Challenge:

Write a blog post that shares one successful script or dialogue that you use with your clients. There are tons of ways you could take this so I'd like to focus things a little bit. Try to get your script or dialogue to fit into one of these categories:

  • Buyer scripts and dialogues: Both examples I gave above are along these lines. What things would you say to a buyer to get them to act? It might be to set an appointment or get them in the office. It might be to get them to make an offer. It might be how you position them for showings. Whatever it is, it's something you use with a buyer you are working with.
  • Seller Scripts and Dialogues: How do you go for the close when trying to get them to sign the listing paperwork? How do you approach a seller when you need to get a reduction in the price? How do you handle presenting lowball offers? These scripts and dialogues are some of the things you say to your seller clients.
  • Lead Conversion Scripts and Dialogues: Maybe you have an awesome email that you send that always gets read and gets a high rate of response. Maybe it's that first question you ask them when you get them on the phone. What do you say to someone that isn't working with you yet to get them more comfortable with you so you end up landing them as a client?

Submit your blog post by leaving a link to your blog post in the comment section of this blog post. All posts submitted by September 13th at 11:59pm will be given 1000 ActiveRain points. Each person is eligble to be awarded the points one time. However, you can write as many posts as you would like.

The Scripts and Dialogue Webinar:

Based on your ideas, I will be hosting a webinar on October 1st at 9am Pacific Time (12pm Eastern Time) where we share some of the best scripts and dialogues that you all share with us. This is a great chance for you to get the information submitted from this challenge in an easy to digest format and give you some ideas of things you might adopt in your own business to make your more efficient and a better agent. 

Who: You, me, a few hundred of our friends
What: A Crowdsourced webinar with some great scripts and dialogues
When: October 1st, 2013 at 9am Pacific Time (12pm Eastern Time)
Where: Your couch. It's a webinar so you can do it wherever you want as long as there is internet
Why: To give you some great ideas of things to say to your clients

How: By clicking the little button below and signing up

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