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Aftenposten "Eveing Post", January 26, 2008

UNITY ONE made international news when interviewed by Norwegian reporter John Hultgren. Mr Hultgren was here to report on Florida's sliding economy and housing market which has resulted in the recent increases in mortgage foreclosures and the unemployment rate.

The Aftenposten (the 'Evening Post") is Norway's second largest newspaper (after Verdens Gang) with a circulation of 256,600 for the morning edition, 155,400 for the separate evening edition and 232,900 for the Sunday edition (2003). With a long tradition of serious journalism, the paper was long considered the leading Norwegian newspaper. Strong competition in a shrinking market has made the paper opt for a broader appeal, however, as signified by the conversion from broadsheet to tabloid format in 2005. The Aftenposten's two main competitors are the Oslo tabloids VG and Dagbladet.  The Aftenpostenis a private company wholly owned by the public company Schibsted ASA.  The Aftenposten has approximately 740 employees (2005).

The Aftenposten is published in Riksmål, an unofficial, but widely used, conservative form of the Norwegian language that is closer to its Danish roots than the Bokmål standard, which sometimes incorporates controversial elements from Nynorsk.  In 1990, Aftenposten adopted the updated Riksmål spelling standard of 1986.   The online version of the paper has a large English section, and is one of the favourite sources for Norwegian news in English.

The actual article has not been translated into English as of the date of this release, but can be viewed by clicking here.

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