203k911 is here to assist you with any issues you may have come up

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203k911 is here to assist you with any issues you may have come up

I have told people for years that there is about one in a hundred FHA 203k projects that are like the projects from "H$%^" and can be very difficult to work through. But, work through you must. We created 203k911 to help you through those issues. While they don't happen often, if you are having issues with your FHA 203k project or HomeStyle®Renovation we likely can help you through it faster and with less headaches on your behalf as we surely have seen everything that might have gone wrong. 

This past week we had a contractor contact our service to see what he could do about a homeowner who wouldn't let him into the property to get the work done. He had already started work and received his first draw payment. The owner apparently was hiring work done around him and didn't want him to see it therefore he was locked out of the project. 

Sometimes you just need to get a lawyer but realize you signed a contract that said you would not go to court but you agreed to go to 'binding arbitration'. So many times you sign contracts without reading them but to hire an attorney in this case may be in order but it will be to go to the arbitrators office not to see the judge.

If you helped a client get their 203k and it has become a nightmare we will talk to the for FREE to see if there is anything we can do to help the situation and get it back on track for them and if it looks like they want to move to their next step legally we will start charging them. In many cases we don't end up charging anything at all, just happy to help.

When you have a  product that only has issues about 1:100 we are just happy to help the parties resolve their issues as quickly as possible. 

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