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Do a Short Sale in San Pedro, CA and walk away with up to $30,000!!!

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What is a short sale in San Pedro, CA and who is an experienced agent to help me with the process?


Are you upside down on your home in San Pedro, CA?


Team Whitney can get you up to $30,000 in cash from your lender and Team Whitney will not charge you a dime to handle your short sale!

  Short Sale in San Pedro, CA - Prevent Foreclosure with Team Whitney

Every property owner in San Pedro ought to be informed on their alternatives to prevent a foreclosure in San Pedro, CA (click the link for a FREE report on "Finding The Right Solution"). Numerous choices are readily available to troubled property owners nevertheless; short sales are coming to be significantly preferred because of their capabilities to aid property owners in San Pedro, CA. Short sales provide the potential for a home owner to receive up to $30,000 from their lender, a credit rating that endures much less compared to a foreclosure in San Pedro, and the support of a San Pedro short sale expert at no expense to the home owner.


Something each house owner in San Pedro frets about is just how their credit rating will be affected as soon as a short sale is claimed and finished. The reality is, a short sale itself might drop your credit rating by 50 points, nevertheless it will certainly be the delinquent mortgage payments that do the most damage; each missed payment will lower a credit score around 30 points. When you compare a short sale against a foreclosure in San Pedro, CA (click link for a FREE report on "Short Sale vs. Foreclosure"), you will certainly see a foreclosure may lower your credit rating by 300+ points and stay on your credit record for approximately 10 years. Participating in a short sale in San Pedro will typically only affect your credit report for two years.  A short sale will usually be displayed as "paid as negotiated" or "settled in full" on a credit report. A foreclosure in San Pedro also has the potential to hold you back from a particular career, since it is not unheard of for companies to do a credit check before choosing their next hire. 


Among the greatest benefits of a short sale is having a skilled San Pedro short sale Realtor aiding you throughout your short sale. The goal of a San Pedro short sale Realtor is to deal with all negotiations on your part while working strongly to get your residence sold in San Pedro. A very qualified San Pedro professional in short sales will have the ability to keep continuous remarkable interaction with all parties involved while providing their services to you, at no expense; your lender will commonly pay all commissions and closing cost expenses. There is no reason to let your home in San Pedro enter into foreclosure when you have choices and experts who commit their lives to helping distressed home owners.



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Team Whitney is the real estate team/agents of choice when you need to do a short sale in San Pedro, CA.