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I was reviewing a few past articles in Real Estate publications and noticed that they gave great advice on why a real estate professional should go paperless, but now HOW to get started!

I can relate to the frustration some people might be experiencing trying to convert. A lot of information on the topic but no specific steps for those who aren't "geeks."

It took me several years to perfect my virtual transaction management system. I beta-tested a lot of products and wasn't sure what I even wanted or needed!

Peers and co-workers began to ask me about my paperless system and so began the process of recording a step-by-step webinar that targets real estate professionals needs.

Other than the price ($45 for a two and one half hour lecture), the best part is that you can listen to a lecture and view the live demonstrations as many times as you want in the comfort of your home and office.

Class highlights offered and your benefits!

  • Inexpensive Cloud Technology to share documents
  • Create organized files and sub-folders so you won't lose documents!
  • Code documents to quickly identify their status without opening and viewing
  • Create SIMPLE hyperlinks to deliver large sized documents
  • Track real estate transactions virtually so you know what's going on at all times
  • Organize and track emails for transaction files using sub-folders and rules
  • Convert emails into a readable format for storage (Finally!)
  • Benefits and example of use of a good PDF program
  • Understand e-signature benefits and how they work
  • Why an EFAX program is essential

Start saving time (printing/scanning/hauling around hard-copy files) and money (paper/toner/repairs). Stop wasting time looking at multiple websites for information. All your answers are here!

Go to to get started today!

Here's a free peak at just one of the many live demonstrations offered; 

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