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Whats the craziest most bizarre closing anyone has ever attended?

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Im sure all of us in the industry who have been doing this for a long period of time, all have humerous closing stories, or a closing that turned out to be a nightmare, I know I certainly have mine! as I ponder on that for a moment the one that really sticks out the most in my mind went a little something like this!  I had a borrower at the table on a refinance one time start asking the closing agent what all the title fees were for specifically the closing fee, the closer then proceeded to tell her that the fee allowed them to keep the lights on, and buy office supplys pens etc, I could see the borrowers wheels turning the whole time she was completing the transaction. once all the papers were signed and the borrower was getting up from the table she took all the pens from the cup holder and stuck them in her purse and left without saying a word. I guess she thought the closing fee she paid supplied those and she was intitled to them! LOL I would love to hear some of your funniest or craziest ones too we could all use a good laugh today.

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Too many to share. ..but one that jumps at me. .is when I had to chase the ex-husband to come and sign the papers to complete the deal. .long story. .bad ex-husband

Aug 13, 2013 11:15 PM