4 Super Floor Styles to Increase The Value of Your Property

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Increasing the value of your home is a target for many of us and for great value a new floor can really make your home stand out and become much more saleable.

Your home is your expression of taste, style and classic elegance. Nowhere is this more beautifully stated than the flooring throughout your rooms. Milled from lumber, natural and organic, engineered oak flooring as offered by Stone and Wood Shop provides for the most durable and enduring  distinction for your home. Choose from among these four stunning styles and types of oak flooring.

Narrow Width Oak Flooring

Narrow width flooring

Natural, narrow width oak flooring is long considered to be the classic standard in the flooring industry. Regardless of your style of décor, a naturally finished, narrow board oak floor has a versatile look that remains chic through years of changing trends. From sharp, cool contemporary design, to inviting, rustic decor, natural oak floors allows you to determine the look that matches your taste and still smoothly compliments each. Able to stand up to years of family use with little evidence of wear, even if damaged, this oak flooring is capable of being sanded down and refinished to it's original luster. This is a floor for the ages.


Red flooring

Red oak hardwood flooring with a walnut stain has a dramatic, rich impact that makes all of your home's décor simply pop. Warm, inviting and equally durable, this is a style that settles rooms into an earthy feel.

Antique Oak Planking

Antique Floors

For a traditional, time honoured look of generational history, few flooring treatments have a greater visual and artistic impact than reclaimed, antique oak planking. Once discarded as scrap, the remarkable aged beauty of salvaged, old oak plank floors has an exquisite, nicely worn feel that speaks to the decades, or century, of life that has trod over it before. Still bearing the nail holes and original milling marks, the rich patina and aged grace of reclaimed oak flooring cannot be reproduced with modern milled oak on today's market and clearly makes a statement about your unique and green sense of style.

Wide Plank

For a clean, light and airy feel throughout your home, a wide plank, white oak floor is a brilliant choice to create the attractive, functional feel that kindles comments and admiration for it's dramatic simplicity. Wide planks have an impressive, solid look and feel that impart a sense of aged security.

Time honored for it's classic, long lasting beauty, oak hardwood is finely grained and dense in structure providing for enduring wear and remarkable beauty from solid to engineered oak flooring you can find just the right wood and style for you. Few floor treatments can compare with the ageless good looks in any style of décor and the wear-like-iron durability of oak floors.

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Brian Sharkey
SharkeyRE LLC - Singer Island, FL

Thanks for sharing the different floor styles to increase property value.

Aug 14, 2013 12:22 AM