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Professional phone voice changer can change anyone’s voice and make it anonymous.  A telephone voice changer can modify your voice in the most natural way allowing the caller to stay anonymous. 

 For men, women and children. This voice changer allows you to change your voice in a non-familiar voice. It guarantees safety of single women that will be able to answer the phone with a male voice or simply changing it in a different person's voice, puzzling the harasser.

 This voice modifier is today’s best-selling gadget and best represents today’s society.  It is an “object of worship” and is essentially a gadget we cannot communicate without.

 If this product is in high demand by our customers, there must be a reason why!  You only have to read the newspapers and keep up with the current events of wiretapping where politicians, bankers and mangers, who speak over the phone about awkward matters, would benefit from a modern changer professional voice.

 Endoacustica, leader in the field of audio video surveillance, supplies the best phone voice disguisers available on today’s market.  Our voice modifiers can be adapted to any type of phone and cell phone.  Modified voices sound natural and an unaltered tone of voice will not arouse suspicion.  The cell phone voice changer is interfaced to the mating plug of your cell phone.  The CVX-II is the only cell phone voice changer easily adapted to mobiles. Contrariwise, the CVX-Plus is a voice transformer suitable for professional targets such as recording studios, radio and television stations...

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