Visit to Casa Linda in the Dominican Republic - 5

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Visit to Casa Linda - 5

Today was a day to relax - didn't even wake up until 9 am.

As I had done every morning I went to open the door from my bedroom to the terrace whenBig Beetle I noticed a 'guest' on the screen - decided I would leave the door closed!!  There are no dangerous critters in the Dominican Republic however I did feel that this one, harmless as it was, really didn't need to be on the inside!!

I dressed, made myself some tea and breakfast and went out on the terrace to enjoy the relative coolness of the day.  The cleaning lady came around 9.30 so I stayed out of her way on the terrace. The cleaning staff at Casa Linda were very thorough - whether or not you were home when they came.

I spent the morning around the villa - catching up on e-mail, making notes, going for  a dip in the pool and just generally 'chill-axing'!  Not sure where I got that word from but it pretty much described my morning!

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