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Think Email Marketing Is Effective? Try SMS

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According to a recent study, text messages (SMS) have over a 99% open rate. What's even more shocking is that over 90% of text messages are read within the first 3 minutes of being received. When I read this data, I was floored! Now compare this with email. Based on the best estimates, email marketing has an open rate of 47% and a read rate of only 25% (and I'm being generous).

With the home buying demographic getting younger and younger (according to NAR generation x and y make up nearly 59%) and smart phone usage on the rise, it only makes sense to expect a shift in the marketing approch of agents going forward. One way that I have leveraged the power of texting is by advising callers to text me to "reach me faster" on my voive mail. Do any of you have any tips or tricks for text message marketing?

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About the author: The above Real Estate information was provided by Robert L Nichols Jr. Robert is a is real estate consultant and Entrepreneur. His services encompass real estate brokering, development, short sales, and innovative listing services.

Robert Has founded several real estate stratups and is the Founder of Boston Trust Realty Group, a Boston based brokerage firm. Robert's companies also include MungoList.com and Rigid Capital Investors, LLC.

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