The Fine Art of Communication

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Good morning fellow Rainers!  I would like to touch on a subject that has been a real issue of mine for a very long time.  What has happened to the Fine Art of Communication?

In our collective businesses, it is very important to communicate with one another and to make sure the lines of communication stay open.  I find WAY too often this is not being practiced, or at best the bare minimum.  Case in point: When we as realtors ask for "FEEDBACK" on a showing appointment, there is a reason why this is done.  First off, it would be nice to actually GET the feedback when requested, and secondly, it would be nice to hear something more than "NOT INTERESTED".  Can this possibly be elaborated on with a few specifics?  WHY are your buyers are NOT interested? OR, maybe even give YOUR OWN personal feedback also, from a realtor's point of view?  Is that really so hard to do??  Was it the 3 people sitting in the living room smoking like chimneys to the point you weren't even able to see the decor??? Trust me, I will not get offended by what is said!  Not to say others won't, but that is the point of the feedback and requesting it!  We would love to be able to go back to our sellers and give them first-hand information from ANOTHER source other than from only you, their listing agent.  We all know our sellers think there is nothing whatsoever wrong with their homes! :-)

Believe me, after a busy day of showing houses to Mr. & Mrs. Champagne taste with the (cheap) beer pocketbook, the last thing I really want to do is go through a bunch of FEEDBACK REQUESTS and answer them, yet I know as a realtor it is important and a courtesy to my fellow agents, so I actually take some time to go through each one of them.  Maybe I'm the minority here?  Maybe too "OLD SCHOOL"?  *No disrespect to the other agents that do!*

I also want to point out that the "Fine Art.." doesn't simply pertain to us realtors, but EVERYONE else in this field...or ANYONE for that matter!  I do not want to discriminate and leave "the others" out of this!  It has amazed me that over time, the masses have become very complacent about communicating, I mean truly communicating!  The day and age of cell phones, tablets & emails makes it very easy to simply "ignore" with the mindset that they will get back to whomever in their own time.  God forbid a phone call is answered the first time! 

This all kind of boils down to the old saying "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". 


Happy Friday!

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Good Afternoon:   This is very well put,  keep up the great Info and good luck with your business,  E

Aug 16, 2013 05:48 AM